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Hand-made doll and accessories for Cairns Museum.

Introducing Myrtle, a stunning creation that has emerged from my artistic hands using cloth and clay. In this lush and vibrant environment, where nature's colours mingle seamlessly with my imagination, Myrtle comes to life as a remarkable testament to the fusion of doll-making and ceramics.

Myrtle, a name that reflects the origins of this artistic journey, is the first articulated doll I have crafted. But Myrtle is more than just an art piece; she is a symphony of complexity and detail, manifesting my devotion and expertise. Every aspect of Myrtle's being has been meticulously crafted, from the subtle contours of her body to the delicate accessories that adorn her.

Think of the pencils that grace Myrtle's presence, each a tiny marvel with coloured lead tips and chrome tops. These tiny pencils symbolize attention to the tiniest details, telling a story of precision and patience, echoing the challenges and successes that mark the artistic journey.

At the heart of this enchanting creation lies a bird's nest, emblematic of nature's artistry and a tribute to the rich biodiversity that thrives in Far North Queensland. Myrtle's presence captures the essence of her tropical homeland.

Where nature's beauty and creativity intertwine harmoniously.

As you immerse yourself in Myrtle's world, you'll discover more gems within her. Like a window into my creative mind, a visual art diary reveals the thoughts, inspirations, and visions that guide my hands. With each turn of the diary's pages, you're invited into the intimate realm of an artist who passionately translates her surroundings into art.

I am thrilled that my art travels to appreciative audiences, transcending geographical boundaries.

From Far North Queensland to L.A.

So, the next time you see or hold Myrtle, remember that she embodies the heart and soul of Cairns, the dedication of an artist living in the tropics, and the delicate dance between doll-making and ceramics. She is a living testament to my captivating artistic prowess, a masterpiece born from the tropical paradise that fuels my creativity. Myrtle is not just a doll; she is a work of art, a glimpse into the captivating world of an artist whose talents shine brightly in the vibrant tapestry of Far North Queensland.

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