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You can never stop learning

Earlier this year, I enrolled in a TAFE course to pursue a Diploma in Art. My belief is that learning is a lifelong process, and I am always eager to explore new avenues to enhance my skills. Through this course, I have discovered and learned different techniques and styles of art. I am thrilled to share a copy of a Sigmund Freud painting that I painted with oils in one of my classes.

We are fortunate to have two excellent teachers, Marnie and Rose, who are highly trained and have a wealth of art experience to share.

One of the art techniques we learned about is glad wrap art, and I am delighted to share a portrait version I created using this technique.

I've just submitted my assignments, and fingers crossed I pass.

From this term alone, I've realised I need to go back to oil painting and explore new ways of creating art.

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