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Achieving Artistic Recognition: How Luisa Manea Made it to the Cairns Art Gallery Display

Sicilian head sculpture by Luisa Manea winning finalist in cairns
Talise By Luisa Manea sculpture

I am happy to share that two of my sculptures have been chosen for the Cairns Art Gallery Annual competition in 2024. Having my works displayed in such a beautiful and world-renowned gallery is a great privilege. One of my sculptures, Talise, was Raku-fired, and I used new techniques to create her.

She reminds me of the Sicilian Bust or Head Statues I saw all over Sicily.

It was remarkable to visit Trapani, a little city on the island, and see these sculptural heads, especially since my mum was born in Sicily. It feels like sculpting is in my blood.

I intend to sculpt more of my unique pieces and sell them to exclusive department stores and art galleries.

The Sicilian heads are not as refined as my sculptures since they lack intricate details, and all seem to have a similar appearance of looking spaced out.

However, my delicate and human-like sculptures are distinct and original, free from moulds or templates. I can also see a bit of Japanese influence and some Cairns in there, too, with flowers surrounding her.

Selected as a winning finalist at Cairns art gallery
Shima by Luisa Manea

Meet Shima, my second selected sculpture for the Cairns Annual 2024 art exhibition; you might wonder where my sculptures come from.

Well, I never use a photo as a reference.

Instead, they pop out of my hands from a slab of muddy clay to a person with real heart and soul.

I take pride in the fact that each sculpture has its unique personality that can spark discussions and inspire storytelling. As individuals, we all have dreams and aspirations, and I believe my sculptures spark emotions and bring people together.

I love how my friends gather around when I take one of my busts out of the hot kiln, and the discussion flows about who my little sculptures are and the life they lead.

Shima has a stunning multi-layered glaze on the crown of her head, along with many carved details on her body. My signature is carved into the back. And she is a one and only.

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