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Harper, Giselle and Harlow

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

It's been a fix-up weekend, and this painting is the 1st to have a makeover. She's been luring around the studio for about three years.

I loved the girls and their eyes but the rest, well...

Though this is the after, I forgot to do the before photos, and I'm so happy with this painting now.

Waiting until the time is right is essential. Usually, my skills have developed and improved, and it's more intuitive about what needs to happen.

The finished result came about quickly, I used many different coloured outlines on their faces, and it ended up being about getting the colours to work in harmony more than making the models look like something out of real life.

This painting is fun and would be a colourful delight to display in any home. In real life, she's very textural and has many layers due to sometimes it just didn't work, so another layer had to be added to get the whole painting to flow.

It's ended up having a nice balance between dark and light.

Today was Sunday; I picked up 'Jade with her Blue Hair' from Ozmosis Cafe in Edge Hill. It was buzzing with lots of dinners having breakfast.

As one of the waiters was walking past, he said one of his colleagues loved Jade and would miss her.

So nice when people make an effort to come over and say something lovely about my work.

Lauren, the manager, thought it would be a great idea to replace Jade with my new painting Harper, Giselle and Harlow. The cafe has the perfect space on a white wall to display large unique, and significant artworks.

The best bit about having my painting in a public and bustling venue is that you can see the picture up close and get an excellent idea if you like it and if this painting will fit into your home's decor.

So proud to be involved with locals supporting locals. Fingers crossed, she goes somewhere in Cairns, and I can see her new home.

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