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What Kinsey Neilson wore

On the 10th of August 2019 at the Nautilus Aviation fashion on the field Cairns Cup Carnival. I was lucky to meet and illustrate Kinsey wearing an amazing vintage dress. I was so impressed I asked her to write about it, this is what she wrote...

Here’s something for your blog. I’m told my grandmother Pat was a very down to earth woman. Not flashy, not prone to fancying luxury. Yet in 1972 she had an exquisite brocade coat dress made for her, which actually made me gasp when I first laid eyes on it. I didn’t know Pat, but when I saw this dress I felt something about her. I first wore it to the Townsville Cup Ladies Day Races in July this year, which is 47 years after the dress was first worn. It won me a sash that day. But the most amazing feeling was having strangers approach me to ask me where my outfit was from. I decided to give this dress another outing at the Cairns Cup, but entering the fashions was only part of my motivation for making the long trip from my home in Charters Towers - I was keen to commission a drawing of this beautiful outfit from the delightful Luisa, so that I could have something special to hang in my wall and be reminded of my grandmother daily. I can’t really describe what this drawing means to me!

Thanks, Kinsey


I love drawing and I love to hear what our clothes mean to us.

They change our mood, give us confidence, hold special memories and people from our past.

I'm passionate about vintage and passionate about holding onto beautiful clothes and memories.

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Luisa Manea
Luisa Manea
Aug 24, 2019

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