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Post Cards Exhibition, place a bid!

The upcoming postcard exhibition at Crate 59, scheduled for December 15, is poised to be a remarkable event. With a wide-ranging selection of works, spanning up to 150 painted canvases, the exhibition promises to be a diverse display of creative expression, featuring contributions from upwards of 75 to 100 artists.

The bidding process is straightforward: interested buyers are required to complete a bidding sheet indicating their name, phone number, and the price they would be willing to pay for the desired artwork prior to 7:30 PM on the night of the exhibition. The successful bidder will be required to pay the artist and pick up the artwork at 8:00 PM on the same night.

All of the canvases showcased in the exhibition are uniform in size, measuring 20 centimetres in width and 25 centimetres in height.

Some bidding prices may commence at a starting point of $15 or even higher, with the potential for a considerable range of prices that may be offered.

The event offers a unique opportunity for individuals to purchase artwork from a wide variety of artists, with each piece being distinct and reflective of the artist's unique creative style. Many artists have sold their works at previous exhibitions, with prices ranging from $50 to $400.

To enhance the convenience of the purchasing process, some artists have announced plans to bring along an EFTPOS machine, including Luisa Manea.. By doing so, buyers will be allowed to make purchases with greater ease, while also promoting a smooth transactional process.

Overall, the postcard exhibition at Crate 59 is an event that promises to be noteworthy, with a wide range of artwork on display, an uncomplicated bidding process, and the potential for buyers to obtain a variety of unique pieces.

Post Cards Exhibition at Crate 59 on Sheridan st Cairns 15th Dec closing bids is 7.30pm

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