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Orlanda Smith

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Orlanda Smith, I find you adorable.

Loving your molten relaxed vibe; you're a mix of different glazes and painting techniques.

You inspire me to want to do pottery full-time. But at this stage of my art career, I've got to keep my part-time day job as an art aide and work at Ralph Lauren until one day, all I do is paint and potter.

The Ravenswood art competition is perfect for you to be chosen to participate in. With me being a woman artist and you a sculptural bust of a woman, they have yet to accept sculpture as a winning piece in the competition's history.

It may be the right time they look beyond a painting to something different.

Only a few of us have a sculpture in our homes, a new trend creating much interest. I get many comments from collectors who like to place my sculptures not just in their homes in any room but in a foyer where the statue is the centre of attention and guests can't ignore them.

One of my girlfriend's sisters is an antique dealer who has just retired. She told me about her sister Leanne in Tasmania having a bust of a Rococo woman from the Renaissance period that a French gallery was trying to reclaim as theirs. When that didn't work out, they wanted to buy it for a considerable amount from her. She said no; I would have said no, too. It's such an impressive piece sitting on her mantle above a fireplace.

It reminds me of Orlanda and hoping someone will treasure her as much one day.

Blue is a sculpture I created at the same time as Orlanda and has many of the same qualities in colour, glaze and firing techniques.

He is more impressive as he stands taller, and more is more significant.

Orlanda will be available after March 23rd unless she makes the Ravenswood art finals.

Good lord, it's 5.30 am, and someone outside just jogged past the incredibly steep hill we live on.

I think I'll go back to sleep for an hour and dream of clay.

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