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Apollo at the beach, Angelica in competition mode.

Following the impact of Cyclone Jasper on Cairns, I visited Holloways Beach to capture breathtaking videos and photos of Apollo. Despite the erosion caused by the storm tides, I managed to take some amazing shots of Apollo standing in the midst of the waves. Meanwhile, the rest of the family remained vigilant for any crocodiles in the vicinity while I focused on photography.

Imagine Apollo in a rustic, earthy setting where he harmonises with natural tones or as a bold contrast placed on a foyer table greeting visitors upon entering a residence. While we acquire many 2D artworks, a sculpture stands out as a unique way to elevate a room and convey sophistication.

What makes Apollo so special is that he is a sculpture that must be viewed from all angles to be fully appreciated, especially his intricate wings on the back.

A ceramics award is happening in Townsville, and I am contemplating submitting Apollo for the competition.

Apollo statue by Luisa Manea
Apollo by Luisa Manea

Angelica will be entering the award. Fingers crossed, one or both get in.

Participating in this competition is fantastic as they will produce a book featuring all the finalists, complete with photos of their work and a biography of each artist.

statue sculpture of woman
Angelica sculpture by Luisa Manea

Angelica is exceptionally delicate. To safely transport her to the kiln for firing, molten wax was poured over her to shield her from any damage during transportation. Just like all of my creations, everything was crafted by hand.

It's always surprising to see how the colours come out, but she is truly beautiful. I am thrilled.

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