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The newest painting Amour (Love).

She's an abstract floral. You almost can't tell she is a floral at all.

This is why abstract floral paintings are the perfect gift for any room in your home.

The colours are inviting and soothing.

The calming effect of abstract floral artworks is well known; the soft fluid brush strokes emphasise the calmness of this collectable piece.

How to incorporate abstract floral paintings into your home decor is easy. Amour has been painted for any room in your home, from the kitchen, dining, or bedroom. She will sit nicely with a pop of colour or on the softer shades on your walls.

She looks even better in rooms with soft sunlight.

The paints I use are very high quality, and the lighter shades have a pearlised glitter effect, making them ever so slightly sparkle at certain times of the day.

This piece will stay with you for 50 years or more she'll never date.

Collecting original artwork from a small collectable artist keeps your collection unique.

I have a small following, yet I still sell many artworks to locals in Cairns, Australia and worldwide.

Collecting from an independent artist such as myself with excellent knowledge of art products and how to use them is imperative as this means the art you collect will last.

People often ask me how to apply paint or what order to apply paint to a canvas..., and working in an art store also helps as this means I'm up to date with the latest products and how to use them.

There are many rules in art. Some can be broken; others can't. It's essential as a collector you do buy art that you love, but you also know the art will last, not fade or change over time from using poor quality products.

I carefully photograph my work indoors and outside to give the best representation of what the results may look like in your home;

I also added the painting to a few mock-up rooms in Photoshop and my house so you can get a pretty good idea of how she'll look in your home.

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