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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Look who almost won the people's choice award for the 'Melting Pot 2023' exhibition at the Cairns Art Gallery.

Very, very lucky to have come in at 2nd, missing out by three votes.

The president of the cairns Potters club won, Lone White.

So a big congratulations to Lone; she won a $200 cash prize. (she does a lot for the potters club, I'm sure she will be buying more clay with her $200, that's what I would do.)

There's always next year, and not everyone can be a winner.

I was very fortunate to have sold both of my exhibiting pottery pieces.

'Jasmine let it Bee' to a local collector and a huge supporter of Cairns artists, and 'Love is a Torment' to a beautiful young care-free German Tourist who wants to know all about the title and how she was made.

Two new pieces have just gone onto the website for sale today.

I had planned for other pieces to go into the Melting Pot competition, but the kilns at the Potters club got booked out, and I couldn't get them fired in time. But it's ok; I can't complain; I did very well and got to meet charming people who love my work, which is more important than winning.

I will miss these two pieces; both were very new, and I didn't have them for long, especially "let it Bee' which is about nature and letting the Bees just Be.

I often have the native bees flying around me when I paint or potter outside. They don't buzz or sting; if you look real close, they are black with lovely shaped (bowed-out legs) and have very fluffy/furry bodies with little transparent wings.

If fairies had bee friends, this little native bee would fit in perfectly.

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