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Kristy is a new direction for me as an artist.

I usually keep working on a painting for many hours, but I had to stop as Kristy looked just as right as she was.

She's my 1st abstract portrait.

My girlfriend, Gillian, a researcher on the Great Barrier Reef, mentioned the mood and movement in the painting and how the background looked like it was moving.

As an artist and hearing this, I thought it was a lovely way to describe the painting, and I'm glad I stopped when I did. 


Acrylic painting by Luisa Manea

Professional artist acrylics and varnishes have been used, so your painting will last a lifetime and more.

Arrives with a certificate of authenticity

101cm x 76cm

Delivery through Australia Post

Depending on where you live this painting will arrive in a tube to be reassembled at the delivery location.


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