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Giving Birth, an original acrylic painting by Luisa Manea.

My model in giving birth is pregnant and doesn't know the gender of her baby; this is why her eyes are covered. The pink ribbon over her eyes is symbolic as the baby is a girl.

The symbol of water is heavily used in this painting to represent the fetus breathes liquid just like fish do. And we use water during birthing in many ways: washing the baby, cleaning, birthing in a water bath, and using a wet flannel on the mother...

Thick impasto paint has been used to give an opalescence, shimmery water like look to the painting.

Golden Acrylic paints and varnish

123cm height x 60cm width x 4cm depth

Ready to hang

On large canvas

Pinewood frame, very well made.


Copyright remains with Luisa Manea.

Giving Birth

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