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Christmas Gift art class illustration,

Art Class taught by Luisa Manea

'Christmas'12cm x 22cm  Watercolour illustration

Luisa will teach you how to prepare a paper for professional ripped edges, how to add a border,

use watercolour paint, apply finishings and mount on a board or into a frame.


  • IncludesPaint on the night paper
  • Practise paper
  • Ruler for the night painting
  • brushes for the night
  • tape
  • practise paper
  • detailed lesson on products, how to use them and where to buy from
  • plastic sleeve


Wear something Christmas, earrings, ribbon...

Minimum 6, limited to a maximum of 12 painters.

Luisa Manea can create paintings for personalised parties.

Luisa Manea images and pictures are copyrighted to Luisa Manea as explained in the 1968 copyright act. See more in terms and conditions on the website This class image designed by Luisa Manea is for personal/private use, not commercial use.

Christmas Gift Art Class

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