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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Writing a Landing page is hard work. I'm making myself do it, as I need to have the business basics before asking someone to write one for me. Often you know you need something, but explaining it to an expert is like going to war. All of a sudden, you are blasted with a whole heap of phrases and terms you have never heard of. Your hand is going a million miles a minute trying to write everything down (and when you get home, your spelling is so bad you can't read it anyway).

That's when they know they got you/the deer in the headlights; if they manage to run you over, they can do whatever they want. You give up happily defeated.


here is what I have learnt so far...

-Do some reading.

-Go to the library, don't even bother buying a book; tech is moving so fast that the book will be out of date in no time.

-Watch Youtube videos.

-Do it yourself; give it a go.

-Don't ask your family for advice. They are just sick of you, and they don't want to look at another piece of art for the rest of their life. Well, maybe just my art :)

-Don't ask your friends. They are either too lovely, opinionated :0 or working behind a till all day doesn't make them Landing page experts :(. Treasure them for who they are, your friends.

-Look at your insights every dam day.

-Do a short course.

-Talk to other new people in business; it's called networking; most people are charming, lovely, and happy to help.

-Wait for your web program to put forward new info in helping the computer Dino's out there (me). That's why I like Wix it's. It's easy to use, and they are constantly updating new and more straightforward, more accessible info that is easy to decipher and implement.

-Don't believe everything your instructor is telling you. After going to a short course at the library a, gun hoe lecturer from London was conducting, a fellow student paid $3000 for him to write S.E.O. (search engine optimisation) and a Landing page for her product and not one sale in 6 months. She was then informed that she would need to spend a further $3000, which is how the game worked. After a while, she would eventually see some sales. How much money that was going to take, no one knows. He showed her figures and charts, but she had difficulties reading and interpreting them. He also told her she was on the cusp of getting SEO to work for her and not to give up. ( I wonder if this had anything to do with paying out another $3000?) Fear of missing out sound similar?

So if I fail, I don't care at this stage. I do have time and pushing myself to try isn't so bad; well, I do have a few of them (bad days), but I figured at this stage it's better to try.

If you got any tips or constructive comments, I would love to hear from you :)


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