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How to add a hanging wire to a frame

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Adding a hanging wire to a wood frame can be quite technical.

I bought my fittings at Bunnings, but you should be able to get hanging wire, screws and D-rings from any hardware store. Check the packaging for the weight requirements of the frame of both items. Make sure the screws are not longer than the depth of the frame but strong enough to hold the D-rings in place.

As long as you meet the weight requirements on the packaging they'll be fine to use.

The D-rings have a right and wrong side to them. The curved side goes towards the wood frame the straight side sits upwards.

Hold the D-ring side ways and you'll see what I mean.

I put the fittings on after painting and varnishing because, there have been so many times, I've picked up a canvas to paint and forgotten to check which way is the right way up.

The placement of the D-rings is around one quarter of the length of the frame towards the top, give or take a few centimetres.

Only half the D-ring sits on the frame the rest sits in the void.

Before you begin, lay your dry painting on a clean towel, to prevent slips and to keep your work clean.

Drilling a pilot hole is always a good idea, even for self tapping screws, as the the wood may spilt. Pine is a soft wood and should be ok not to drill, but I would still recommend it.

The drill bit should be as thin as possible, there is no need to drill down a lot.

Half a centimetre or one cm is ok. It makes it, so much easier to position the screw in place, it will go in straight and sit flush with the D-ring and, won't slip around while trying to screw into place, especially in a wood harder than pine.

Cut your hanging wire about 10 to 15 cm longer than the frame on each side, with a pair of pliers.

First insert 10 cm of the wire into the D-ring, using an upward knot, secure against the D-ring so there are no gaps.

Then twist the left over wire around the support wire towards the centre of the frame and then twist the reminder back over the original twisting towards the D-ring. This action locks the wire in place.

Repeat on the opposite side.

After many years of up cycling frames I have found this to be the easiest and strongest technique.

Word of caution.

If the frame is really heavy or very expensive take it to a frames.

I also replace the glass out of really heavy frames for a light weight, much safer plastic, for three reasons.

Just in case kids are mucking around inside , throwing a ball, or bang into a wall playing.


The frame is just too heavy for the fitting you have chosen.


The mounting on the wall are not secure enough, especial if they were already in the house and you don't know the weight specifications or how they were attached to the wall.

I've made a You Tube Video for those that are like me and are more visual learners.

What you'll need


2 x D-rings

2 x screws

picture frame wire

screw driver

electric drill with very small drill bit

pen for marking



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