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Publicity photo Luisa Manea

Luisa Manea

Feature article in

The Post Cairns newspaper

Jan 2019

Photo by Luisa Manea 

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Luisa Manea Illustration

Luisa Manea, Artist    article written by  Milly Miller for Humans of Cairns Y.E.P.

If there was just one thing I could achieve in my career, it would be to help young people appreciate art.

So many people think art is inaccessible or unaffordable, but I would love to introduce them to a world where they see that art is unique and an expression of creativity.

Many people think nothing of spending $500 on an item of clothing that they will wear just a few times, but would never invest the same money on a piece of art that they will love and appreciate forever.

Art does not need to be expensive to be valuable – it just has to be something they love – that’s all that matters.                                    


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