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Is my love of all things fashion and art.

Held at The Pier over 2 days 14-15th January 2019.

It started with a chat about fashion and art and how heavily they are linked.

From the 1st century to 2019, there has always been a strong link of adorning our bodies and creating art influenced by our surrounding environment. If we weren't influenced by the environment we live in, we would still be wearing the same clothes the world over regardless of time and place, and art wouldn't exist. 

I wanted to get the audience involved and asked all that attended for the 2 days to give me a suggestion on what they liked about Cairns.These elements had to then be turned into a fashionable art work by me. To show how our natural surrounds influence new trends in fashion and for their ideas to become a piece art to enjoy.

Some of the more unusual influences have been;

Grunge influenced by decay.

 A,H,Y Dior ranges influenced by letter shapes to form new silhouettes

Gender- women dressing as men. Power suits, androgyny, boyfriend fashion (jeans)

Architecture- buildings, rubber, latex, metallic colours

Pop culture- Madonna, Sex and the City, Kim Kardashian

Low culture- Hip Hop, skater dresses, Surfers, Bogans,

List of suggestions for my new art work to include:

1 mini car- Mitchell 

2 interesting colours – Jo 

3 Flowers- Skye 

4 Bride riding a bike- Mark 

5 A pen doing some thing funny- Sue 

6 Inspiration is every where- Kellie 

7 Cassowary- Tara 

8 Clown fish- Kate 

9 Parrot fish- Kate

10 Chad - Man on an island under a palm tree resting

11 Unicorn- Samuel 

12 Jewelry- Saeedi 

13 The mountains – Carrie 

14 Cassowary- Kerry 

15  just want finish picture sent-Tyson 

16 Palm tree and beach - Lesley  

17 Colorful – Marie 

18 Golden Wattle- Anna  wife

19 Bougainvillea – David  husband

20 Rhino- D

21 flamingo- Teresa

22 Butterfly -Kelly 

23 Hair blowing in the wind – daughter of Kellie

24 Sugar Cane- Courtney 

25 Palm trees- Courtney 

26 Planes flying over Cairns- Xavier

27 Cocktails- Pearl

28 Art teacher wanted final painting sent to see how it turned out- Ursula Kelly from Melbourne visiting

Some of these's I thought Holly Heck, what have I got myself in for, where am I going to put a rhino or a bride riding a bike, but I really encourage people to put down some thing that was special to them.

Even though I got a couple of kind people ask "what would you like me to put down" it was very tempting to help them but no I stuck to my guns and it was to be about them not me.

I really wanted to show inspiration,really is every where and the me part would come out as how I translated their request into my painting keeping an art and fashion focus.

I got some amazing responses from  my finished art work and quite a few were very surprised to see I didn't do the obvious.

Thank you to 

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland

instagram final picture close up.JPG
FINAL painting for Modelling art all sug
Final painting showing pen flamingo,cock
modelling art fern by Luisa Manea.jpg
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