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Frequent   Asked    Questions 

Will you draw my (dog, family, girlfriend, mum, dad, baby, teacher, etc... )?

Yes, I would love to draw anything you request as long as it's cute and bring joy to someone. 

You can send me an email with detailed photos to

The photos need to be clear and be taken by you or the person who took the images, allowing the use of the photos as a reference.

This will need to be provided in writing due to copyright laws, a simple letter explaining who took the photos, and they grant you and I permission to use them for the illustration or artwork.

Are prices in Australian dollars?

Yes, all shop prices are displayed and charged in Australian dollars. (AUD) 

We like to use credit card payment through Stripe as the website host WIX recommends.

It's easy, and we all know it's safe for you and me.

How will my art be packaged and sent?

All artworks will be packaged in a strong cardboard cylinder and sent via Australia Post.

Download the Australia Post app to track your parcel easily.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, international sales can be arranged. Please note that there may be tax at your end to be paid.

The final price will include delivery and insurance costs

What will a commission look like?

I will send you an almost completed image of the artwork before I send it out in the mail.

Check that you are happy with the final result. This will happen only once; minor corrections can be made at this illustration stage.

You need to trust the process and my skills.

You can purchase a commission confidently if you like what I do and my style.

If you expect a style you do not see in my commission work, for example, a newspaper-style cartoon, do not put an order in.

Each one is entirely different as they are drawn freehand; they each have quirky little looks, just like us.

Can I make copies of your artwork?

No,  you can't, even with close family and friends. Copyright remains with Luisa Manea, or I won't have a business. 

This includes commissions. I will use your commission on my website as an example of my work when required.

If you want to avoid this, do not put an order in.

Works can not be resold or reproduced in any way. Not even for your avatar

What is copyright?

As the copyright author and 1st owner, I have exclusive rights under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. It is an infringement of copyright to

reproduce any of the works by Luisa Manea on any platform. No, you can't use my artwork or any commission/s for birthday invites or to make prints, etc...

If you would like to, this involves a different price structure, and you need to contact me in writing at

Giclee print, what is it?

A digital ink using ink technologies that will last a lifetime and more if looked after in low light conditions away from moisture and insects.

Printed on acid-free paper, the acid-free paper will not turn yellow over time.

It should be handled with cotton gloves as the oils in our hands will mark the paper.

Prints should not be stored or shown in direct or high-level light.

Images need to be stored in acid-free tissue paper.

I put my photos in a plastic sleeve to protect them during transport; this plastic sleeve should be disposed of after receiving your print.

Do prints change in price, and why?

Prints will change in price depending on the demand for the image. Especially if it's a limited edition print, it's pretty rare... Sometimes there will be increases in paper or printing costs.

I go to one of the best printing and scanning companies. They charge more, and you can tell the quality is outstanding.

A.B.N. 14697065471

Not registered for G.S.T.


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