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Designer Wedding Gowns

Before art, there was a very glamorous life of a bridal designer.

Some of the most beautiful things said about my gowns came from men. I would often have husbands or the father of the bride say to me, with a tear in their eye.

"I know the  dress was expensive but it was worth every penny spent, I have never seen someone so beautiful'

The fact a man and often, an Australian man, who hasn't grown up like European men, to appreciate beauty, or quality meant

a lot to me. When something is so beautiful and so well made, even the worse design critic can see the superiority of skill and design.

 Having a baby with P.K.U. took the glamour and fun of award nights, being young, beautiful, and careless away but eventually, something better came along in my career.


It's really just the same, it's about scale, design, composition, proportion, colour and colour combinations, textile and quality of materials, or manipulation of materials.

That's life it punches you in the face from time to time, but you pick yourself up and move on because you just don't know whats around the corner

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