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Live Painting

2021 Cairns Esplanade Dining Precinct Opening

Live ink portraits, which will be auction at the end of the year by the Cairns Regional Council for the Mayors Christmas Hamper Appeal for families in need.

My Story

On Sunday, 27th June 2021, I went to the Cairns Esplanade to do live painting. It was a busy day with many people, perfect for me to showcase my art. In just 6 hours, I did 12 portraits, drawing and painting exquisite illustrations in just 20 minutes each. By watering down the highest quality Indian ink for the illustrations, I was able to capture every detail in the portrait using hand-crafted shades of black and grey. Working with such ink requires the right paper to compliment the artwork, or else it will buckle, so I use heavy-weight artist paper.

Doing live portraits creates much interest from people who naturally want to talk about my art, ask for advice, and inquire about classes. Many also request that I take their illustration to the next level of detail with acrylic paints for their portrait. Along with creating portraits, I also take photos of the people, an essential step in painting later on with more details, such as the placement of freckles or correcting the shape of teeth. But it is usually the emotion and soul in the eyes that is the most important to capture. 


I always make sure to get all my client's contact details, and make sure media release forms are signed, and any cultural requests are adhered to, to leave them as satisfied as possible with their beautiful fashion illustrations.

Meet The Portraits

Live drawing Luisa Manea
Live drawing Luisa Manea Cairns
Live drawing Luisa Manea Cairns dinning
Live drawing cairns esplanade
Drawing live Luisa Manea
Maggie Live drawing Luisa Manea
Live drawing Cairns Queensland
Drawing live Cairns
Luisa Manea live drawing
Drawing live Luisa Manea
Fashionable woman photo by Luisa Manea
Young girl photo by Luisa Manea
Young child photograph Luisa Manea
Ruth photo by Luisa Manea
Asian girl photo Luisa Manea
Fashionable woman with glasses Photo Luisa Manea
Photo by Luisa Manea
girl Photo Luisa Manea
Dance girl photo Luisa Manea
Girl photograph by Luisa Manea
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